Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floor systems- The most economic way to add more space
Production mezzanine floors are industrial mezzanine floor added to your existing warehouse providing a tailored mezzanine floor designed to contain a space for manufacture or some activity that being segregated from ground floor is perfect for either material flow or health and safety or a variety of reasons that a production mezzanine floor is ideal in a given premises.

Production mezzanine floors

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Hi-Level industrial production mezzanine floors have become increasingly popular with manufacturing and production businesses as the drive to increase productivity and flexibility from existing facilities gathers pace. Existing buildings need to be used flexibly and wasted space minimised whilst a safe and secure working environment is maintained. Hi-Level industrial mezzanine floor system takes full design and engineering responsibility for ensuring that floors meet all Building Regulation requirements. Mezzanine floor prices - no obligation quote available | Production mezzanine floors  | industrial mezzanine floorOur specialist industrial mezzanine floor design team offer nationwide survey and design for both existing and new facilities for calculating the most efficient mezzanine design solution. In this way Hi-Level industrial mezzanines maximise storage capacity and increase returns from dedicated industrial storage solutions.


Hi-Level mezzanine floors

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The robust steel structure of our industrial mezzanine floor and bespoke design offers the most versatile and cost-effective solution for creating more space.

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Office and storage mezzanine floor systems

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Many commercial premises offer excessive, unused headroom which is un-productive and expensive to heat or cool. A Hi-Level mezzanine floor can transform this wasted space into productive office of storage space with minimal disruption and can allow a business to expand considerably within its existing premises. Intelligent design solutions and high standards of finish make Hi-Level mezzanine floors suitable for any use from a simple mezzanine storage area to a prestige mezzanine office environment. Pallet rack mezzanine systems & pallet rack shelving storage further maximizes space below your mezzanine floor. At Maxistor we can design mezzanine shelving storage or a pallet rack mezzanine storage to suit your premisis. We also have used warehouse mezzanine systems that may suit your application. Contact our Team in Dublin for further details: 01 4080722

retail mezzanine floor | Contact our Dublin office on: 01 4080722 to discuss your mezzanine floor requirements

Retail mezzanine floor systems

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The combination of lightweight construction, superior powder-coated finish and wide range of colour options makes a Hi-Level mezzanine floor systems ideal for retail environments. Whether you need a seamless addition to your sales or retail floor area, more back-of-store storage or extended office space, a mezzanine floor will provide the best value being the cheapest and most flexible option. Fast installation to an agreed schedule by our mezzanine floor system experienced engineers ensures that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and that additional floor space is brought to productive use according to plan. Hi-Level floors can be found in many retail locations throughout the country including Homebase, Dreams and AHF stores.

retail mezzanine floor | Contact our Dublin office on: 01 4080722 to discuss your mezzanine floor requirements

Warehouse mezzanine floor & pallet rack mezzanine floor systems

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At Maxistor storage systems we provide two main types of warehouse mezzanine systems depending on the proposed use. Roll formed steel can used for lighter loads on the mezzanine shelving storage area. Alternatively our warehouse mezzanine systems designed with structural steel I beams can handle heavier loads.

We also offer a wide range of industrial storage solutions, industrial mezzanine floor used mezzanine floors, mezzanine storage systems and pallet rack mezzanine & pallet rack shelving storage.

Contact our Dublin office on: 01 4080722 to discuss your mezzanine floor requirements.


Used mezzanine floors for sale

Maxistor have many repeat customers for mezzanine floors in Ireland and Northern Ireland and when we are asked to increase size or type of mezzanine floor in a clients warehouse we disassemble our older mezzanine storage systems or pallet rack mezzanine to install their new floor, pallet racking or storage system required for the space. We number and store the components of the used mezzanine floor and from time to time we have used mezzanine floors for sale. Contact our mezzanine floor Dublin based sales team to see if our stock suits or we have any used mezzanine floors available that will suit your requirement. One declaration we can guarantee – if we don’t have a used mezzanine floor to suit we can provide a new cheap mezzanine floors at a mezzanine cost per m2 that can’t be beaten!

Your no. 1 in Ireland for industrial, retail, production & warehouse mezzanine floor systems our Dublin mezzanine floor fabrication factory sell and install more floors in Ireland and Northern Ireland than a number of our competitors combined. Steel being the primary material in manufacturing mezzanines our bulk buying power allows us to keep the mezzanine cost per m2 within a clients budget while still meeting all the standards and quality we have built our name on.

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