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Pallet racking – perfect complement to your warehouse planning

Heavy duty pallet racking – drive in pallet racking – cantilever pallet racking – push back pallet racking 

The Mecalux pallet racking is the most simple and practical of pallet racking systems for gaining quick access to products stored on pallets. Mecalux pallet racking will optimize your space and improve your stock control.


Thanks to the wide range of dimensions, load capacities and accessories, our pallet racking can be adapted to all types of spaces and for all manner of pallet products. The Mecalux pallet racking is the ideal solution for the storage needs of: logistic operators, businesses, archives and all types of industries (including textile, automobile, retail and many others)


Mecalux pallet racking collaborates with:

Installations technicians
Storage and Logistic Engineers
Specialists in industrial storage
Pallet racking beams

Warehouse managers

Business purchasing managers


Pallet racking beams – Drive in racking – push back racking – Cantilever pallet racking

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Pallet racking beams

Maxistor provide pallet racking parts & pallet racking components for a range of pallet racking systems. Key to pallet racking are the pallet rack beams which govern the load capacity of pallet racking – We have pallet racking parts for sale for a variety of racking systems with adaption and racking extension to your racking type.  Pallet racking suppliers of the extension to your pallet racking type!

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Pallet racking Accessories

Pallet racking parts | pallet racking beams | pallet racking extension | pallet racking accessories | which pallet racking system do your have ? - Contact our Pallet racking sales team on Dublin 01 4080722 for advice on types of pallet racking

Which pallet racking type ?

At Maxistor we offer extended pallet racking for most racking types with some of the common & popular racking including:

Amerak – Bulldog – Hiline – Husky – Interlake / Mecalux – Ridg-U-Rak – SpaceRak – Speedrack – Sturdi-Bilt – T-Bolt – Teardrop –

We have sales team on available to identify your type and manufacturer of racking, alternatively send us in a a picture of your racking system and our technical engineers can assist to identify your pallet racking system & we have pallet rack extensions and pallet racking adaption to extend your current warehouse racking system.


Longspan shelving

Long span shelving | heavy duty shelving | long span shelving for sale | long span shelving prices
The perfect solution for manually storing products of amedium size and weight. The Longspan shelving range offers strength, durability, a large resistance and maximum stability to your warehouse.

Installation is quick and simple. The resistance and versatility of the Longspan range allow this system to efficiently meet the storage needs of workshops, archives, industrial stores and general warehousing.


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